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How Virtual Assistant Different from Regular Employees

How Virtual Assistant Different from Regular Employees

When starting a business, you will need to consider hiring people, the right person can help your business nurture or succeed while on the other hand the wrong person can suffer losses and can even waste your time.

It's normal to fuss about selecting a new employee and you'll perhaps think about the duties and responsibilities of a good employer plus all the formalities which can be very scary! Well then think no more, since a permanent employee isn't just your only option.

Virtual Assistant vs Employee

Employee - is someone who works for another person and performs jobs that need to be done. An employee works physically along your side, works on time, and prepares to do his or her job as instructed. Most employees are required to wear uniforms and work when they are scheduled.

Virtual Assistant – They are an independent worker who takes on specific tasks for you from a remote location. A fee will be paid depending on the work they will perform. They are often independent and self-employed contractors.

Advantages of working with an employee than a virtual assistant

  1. They are easier to supervise

As an employer, having an in-house employee can be a good thing since supervising them will be easier. You, as an employer will be able to know the exact number of hours the employee is working and on how productive they are, from there, you'll be able to decide on the areas that need improvement. As for virtual assistants, tracking down the extracted number of hours versus their actual work may not be accurate.

  1. Communication is easier

There would be minimal losses since having a physical person beside you can guarantee effective communication. Working problems, as well as customer-related problems, can be easily addressed, misunderstandings and mistakes can be easily handled. As for virtual assistants, if they don't have fixed working hours, immediate availability will not be guaranteed. Technical difficulties experienced by the virtual assistant will be out of control and there may be complications in regular communication.

  1. Long-term employees tend to be more committed than VAs hired only for temporary task

Employees who are physically hired by a company have perks and benefits which can be a reason for their loyalty and they are being committed. On the other hand, virtual assistants often work with multiple clients that's why they might not necessarily invest more than they are paid for.

  1. Employees find it easier to bond with clients

It’s easier for an employee to bond with clients by meeting them physically. The physical presence of an employee at work makes it easier for the employer to track productivity regularly and they will have the ability to identify and cure any issues that may arise.

Advantages of working with an employee than a virtual assistant

  1. You have the power to choose virtual assistants who have the skills that you are looking for

A lot of virtual assistants are multiskilled, specifically when you will look for a general virtual assistant who can do different things. This means hiring a VA can handle the task professionally and with satisfaction. For employees, they are also skilled however, it is not usual to give them tasks that they are not trained for, as they only applied for a specific job from the very beginning, they were hired.

  1. Virtual Assistants have flexible working hours

Virtual assistants can accommodate last-minute revisions or changes if they are still available at that time since they have flexible working hours depending on their schedule. As for the in-house employee, they normally work on a fixed schedule, so employers must expect that they will only finish daily tasks in that specific time frame.

  1. Virtual Assistants are more productive than regular employees

Virtual assistants usually work at the comfort of their home which they use in creating time blocks to focus on tasks allotted to them. This makes them very productive and gets more things done faster and more efficiently than a regular employee. On the other hand, employees who are needed physically present at work, and spending a lot of time commuting getting to work, chatting with coworkers when they arrived in the office and extending lunch breaks, take away valuable time that could have been spent in working with things needed and thus this can affect the overall productivity of the business towards the day.

  1. Virtual Assistants have additional training

Virtual assistant tends to be more competitive that's why most of them make sure to level up their knowledge and skills to have an edge over the rest. They attended training on their own to add something to their skillset in their spare time. However, for an employer to be equipped with a new set of skills and knowledge, may have to shoulder the cost of their training which may result in a reduction of productivity during their training period and a lot of time will be spent upskilling.

Now which option will be right for you? Virtual Assistant or an Employee

Overall, an employer should hire someone who likes the work they are doing. One of the greatest factors to become successful in your business is knowing the right people to hire, every business owner will require help in managing all tasks especially when their businesses grow. Finding the right person to handle every task means the more successful your business will become.

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